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Vinyl Record Store in Hong Kong




1/F, 45 Main Street Yung Shue Wan,

Lamma Island, Hong Kong


Open Hours 11:00~19:00

  Vinyl lovers enthuse about the nuanced, warm and lifelike sound of records. 


 In fact, worldwide vinyl sales grew 19 per cent last year, 10 per cent more than MP3 sales, and sales of turntables are predicted by the US Consumer Electronics Association to rise a remarkable 40 per cent this year.

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Lamma Vinyl


              Media Report From Worldwide

 Reportered by Friday Times News Paper @ 2015

Outer Islands:

Back To Music: 1F, 45 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

A used record store on Lamma? And not only that, but a viable used record store on Lamma. Back To Music has not only hung in there for three years but after two years it upgraded and moved to a larger and more prominent location.

Like many a used record dealer in Hong Kong, owner Ming Ho is personable, willing to chat about music and/or dig up your requested genre. On my last visit he recounted a touching story about his very first purchase, the record that got him on his way – an album by the British synthpop band Yazoo, and Ming, while being dedicated enough to scrape together enough coins to buy Yazoo’s album, still hadn’t put together enough coins to buy a record player! Now he’s got a whole well organised store full of records along with racks of used cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs.

In order to take a random sampling of Hong Kong taste (as far as recordings from the past) I asked Ming what his biggest seller was. He immediately pulled out the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Reported by Hong Kong Free Press. 

Hong Kong Vinyl Record Store Guide 2017

Reporter:Andrew Guthrie.



推薦 DJ︰Laura Thomson(Lantau Radio 電台主持人 / DJ)


作為只放黑膠的 Lantau Radio 電台主持人之一,我和丈夫需要大量的黑膠收藏來完成這份工作,這裏的二手黑膠就非常適合我們。除了中環一個月舉辦一次的二手黑膠市集外,這裏就是我們最喜歡的地方。它的優點顯而易見,分類清晰,種類多元,價格合理,加上我們住在長洲,在島與島間穿梭也是樂事。

推薦 genre
Soundtrack、jazz、classical、Japanese、60s rock、new age

Reported by Time Out Hong Kong Company Limited. 

作者:Athena Chan

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